Winter Shipping - Updated February 1, 2019

Nematodes worms are very hardy, surviving temperatures in the low 30's without harm. They just go dormant and speed back up when warmed. Freezing solid however kills them. If you think winter shipping may be needed, please contact me before bidding or buying. In many cases I have suggested a less expensive alternative than the buyer thought was needed.

I do not ship grindal or white worms when temperatures are in or below the thirties. That kind of cold can kill them, and they can similarly be damaged if temperarues inside the box get too high with the use of a heat pack.

Regardless of shipping method, someone should there to bring the package in as soon as it arrives. If you aren't home when the mail arrives, please let me know and I'll be happy to ship to a friend or relative's house or anyplace where someone can bring them in out of the cold. All auctions come with tracking and delivery confirmation.

Option One - Basic Insulation - First Class Mail Shipping

Your cultures ship in a Tyvek wrapper placed inside a standard polymailer envelope. This minimal level of insulation is included with all orders. If your temps are a few degrees either side of freezing this works fine as long as the cultures are brought inside immediately when they arrive. A majority of the time mail in transit is not in extreme conditions.

Option Two - More Insulation - Priority Mail - $4.50 Over First Class Mail Shipping Price

Your order ships Priority Mail in a box lined with 1/2" insulating styrofoam and cellulose insulation. This is adequate if temps along the way and at the destination are not too far below freezing and you are sure your culture will be brought straight in on delivery. The faster shipping time and Priority handling also mean your culture(s) spend less time potentially exposed to the weather in transit.

Option Three - Full Winter Jacket - Priority Mail - Hour Heat Pack Included - $6.00 Over First Class Mail Price.

This is option two on steroids with a 40 or 72 hour heat pack included. This is necessary when temps along the way or at the destination are well below freezing. It does very well in some pretty harsh weather. If temperatures are in or near single digits, then you might want to consider looking for a break in the weather even with this option. Email me and we'll look at it.

Feel free to drop me a line if you have questions about this or any other aspect of my cultures or other items, and thanks for looking!

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