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7ml Pipettes - 3ml Graduated Stem

Pipettes standing in beaker

These 7ml pipettes are the single most useful item in my fish room. They hold a total of 7ml and have a 3ml grduated stem. I use them to dispense medication, dechlor, and anything else requiring measurement in drops or milliliters. They find greatest use in feeding BBS and other live foods to fish and fry.

To feed microworms and other nematodes I swish a fingertip of worms into an ounce of water in a small vial, then use a pipette to dispense as much as needed to the fry. They come into play again when it is time to move very small fry that a net would injure or kill. Just snip the tip a little wider with a scissors and move the smallest fry without injury.

7ml Pipette Pricing
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