Site Launch! 02-01-19

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Currently shipping nematode cultures and my full line of prepared foods. You may make your selection here on the site and purchase directly by email, or on AquaBid where I sell as Fishguy_1955.

In early spring 2019 I'll be adding clean grindal and white worm cultures, daphnia, as well as fish and eggs. There are a few DIY articles in the Articles & Links section, and more will be added on an ongoing basis, so feel free to bookmark the site and stop by periodically to see what's new.

Right now - February, 2019 - my good friend and very accomplished rainbow breeder, Dee Brown, is offering both fish and eggs here on the site in D's Rainbowfish Cellar.

His contact information is on the page, and he does take orders ahead. Check it out!

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